The Bucket of Blood

(Taken from the Nina Clifford excavation papers from the Science Museum of MN)
Located on a portion of the site that is now the Science Museum in Saint Paul was a quaint place a couple doors down from Nina Clifford’s House of Ill Repute called The Bucket of Blood at 301 Eagle St (on the corner of Eagle and Washington. The bar was owned by Charles Emmert, who co-owned City Brewery with his brothers. Its name supposedly comes from all of the fighting done there. It was said that you could get a “bucket of blood any day of the week”. This portion of the Upper Landing was once known as Washington Street Red Light District and is one of the oldest sections of the city. It was, at one time, home to prostitutes, saloons, and a famous place of ill repute (ironically not far from the police station).

According to the Saint Paul Police Department History website the red light district that the bar was in was located in was just down the street from the downtown police station. Allegedly police chief John O’Connor’s wife Annie also ran a prostitution ring from within its walls. This continues a running theme of the police partnering with crime throughout the city’s early history.

Interestingly, in spite of their reputation there isn't a lot of information about this place, or really the area as a whole (outside of Nina's).
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